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We care...

We care about children having a meal each day.

We care that entire villages have access to clean drinking water.

We care that men and women have access to funds to start and sustain small businesses.

We care that children sleep under bed nets each night so that they are protected from disease-carrying mosquitoes.

We care that productive gardens grow in villages.

We care that ministry workers earn a fair wage as they go into the trenches in the name of Jesus.

We care that health care workers are equipped with the tools they need to efficiently practice medicine.

We care that all people have access to proper sanitation.

We care that the widow, the orphan, and the alien are elevated to a position of significance in society.

We care that those suffering from HIV and other life threatening diseases are not marginalized, stigmatized, or alienated.

We care that the walls of prejudice and misunderstanding are dismantled.

We care that the good news of the gospel is lived out among all men and women.

We care...