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What’s the Buzz?

What the Buzz? is an outreach of God’s Economy whereby individuals, churches, and local schools are engaged in the fight to eradicate the disease of malaria in developing nations. Motivated God’s Economy friends serve as catalysts to raise funds for, and awareness about, the global issue of malaria.

What is malaria?

Malaria is a life-threatening parasitic disease transmitted to humans by the bite of an Anopholes mosquito. 40% of the world’s population is at risk for malaria. In some of the poorest countries of the world the risk of the disease is highest. The disease causes fever, headaches, vomiting, and flu-like symptoms. If left untreated the disease can cause organ failure, cerebral complications, and death.

Why be concerned about malaria?

Malaria causes more than 300 million acute illnesses and over one million deaths annually. Approximately 90% of the deaths due to malaria occur in sub-Saharan Africa among young children. Malaria kills an African child every 30 seconds.

What can be done?

The primary prevention technique in the war against malaria is simple: do not get bitten by mosquitoes. Global public health initiatives have addressed the issue of standing water (breeding grounds for mosquitoes) and have advocated the use of barriers and chemical insect repellants. Sleeping under insecticide treated mosquito nets has proven to be an effective prevention method in reducing the incidence of malaria. The Anopholes mosquito usually bites at night, when children are asleep. An insecticide treated net hung over a child’s bed provides both forms of protection: a physical barrier and a chemical repellant. In fact, the chemicals from a net or multiple nets in a small hut are often enough to keep mosquitoes from entering the hut, thereby protecting the entire family. Simply stated: Nets save lives!

$10 can fully fund a mosquito net and the public health initiative that will educate a village about its proper usage. Please donate now! Want to get a WTB? program launched at your school or church?

Please contact Cricket Barrazatto.