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“Life Don’t Have To End.” ~ Cricket Barrazotto, Author

HIV positive and courageous enough to tell your life story?
“Life Don’t Have To End.” is a compilation of stories and photos from more than 60 contributors from the JACQUES Initiative of the Institute of Human Virology of the University of Maryland’s School of Medicine. The contributors share horrific incidents and tales of incredible pain. More profoundly, the stories ring with triumph over adversity, hope in the presence of an HIV diagnosis, resiliency of the human body and spirit, and deep abiding faith. The book provides a provocative and powerful view into the real world of living positively in an inner city environment in 2013. Truly inspirational. A must read!

Cricket Barrazotto, Author
Black and White and color eBook available at Amazon, Apple, Barnes and Noble and at select booksellers worldwide in over 132 countries.

"With beauty and honesty, Cricket Barrazotto and her friends present a stunning journey of suffering and hope. As you move through these pages, you will discover not only stories, but people, real people, whose lives have profoundly changed. If we give ourselves permission, their lives will change ours too."
-Stephan Bauman, President and CEO World Relief

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CLOSED UP | Photo by "You still have life with HIV. It is a personal choice to shut yourself off to the world isolation is optional. You either isolate or you live life to the fullest. Why shut yourself off when there is so much outside? There is always hope." - Michael B.
WALKING TRACKS | Photo by "We have to believe that what is coming is better than what is behind us" - Joy W
STATUE AT PENN STATION | Photo by LEE NICHOLS I am not weak I am not a failure. I am not too black. I am not too ugly. I am not defeated and I am not worthless because I am a child of God. I am stronger now I am successful now. I am humble and I am free! - Timothy S.